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FaLaLa Set

FaLaLa Set

FaLaLa Plaque - 4 inches

Happy Holidays Plaque - 3.75 inches

Gift Trio - 3.5 inches

Christmas Tree Trio - 3.5 inches

Bulb Trio - 3.75 inches

Ornament Trio - 3.75 inches


This cutter has a comfort grip handle and sharp, study edge for clean cuts.


Cookie cutters are measured approximately to the longest appropriate side/edge (see schematic).


Please do not place our cutters in the dishwasher as they will warp. Handwash gently under lukewarm water and airdry. Do not soak your cookie cutters.


Usually ships within 2-3 business days, but processing times are posted on the Homepage.


Made using a 3D printer with food safe PLA filament. PLA is plastic and will melt when subject to high temperatures.

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